Counseling Center

We believe that with the exception of biochemical imbalances or physiological impairments, most of our mental, emotional, and relational problems stem from belief systems – meanings applied to experiences and the strategies employed to preserve a sense of wellbeing.

We strive to provide counseling that is clinically excellent and biblically sound. Individual and couple sessions are available for adults and children over 13 years of age. All counselors are licensed by the state of Colorado. 

  • Cheryl King, LMFT

    Provides Couple, Individual, and Group therapy to adults

    Specialty Areas: Relationship Health & Recovery, Marital & Pre-Marital therapy, Affair Recovery, Spiritual Formation, Trauma, Abuse, EMDR, IFS, Grief & Loss, Personal Growth & Development

    Cheryl’s story-oriented approach to counseling empowers her clients to become intentional cowriters of their selves and futures. She sees core attributes, the shaping impact of history, and patterns that emerge over a lifetime. With keen insight, a warm presence, and supportive affirmation, Cheryl illuminates opportunities for clients to embrace their unique and glorious attributes; to renounce defeating and destructive patterns; to calibrate a strong and kind compass; to confidently accept freedom to live out their best ideals; and to find strength in humility and forgiveness when best efforts fail. Individuals can improve the private life of their internal world and the quality of interactions in their relational worlds. Couples benefit from sound guidance through complexities and tangles that naturally occur through efforts to create a harmonious union. Groups offer a safe encounter with kindred sojourners and a wealth of insight, wisdom, affirmation, and encouragement.  

    (970) 775-0436

  • Kevin Sipp, MA, LPC

    Provides Couple and Individual therapy for adults and adolescents (age 13+)

    Specialty Areas: Anxiety, Depression, Spiritual Formation, Marital Counseling, Infertility, Addiction, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Care for Pastors and Domestic & International Missionaries

    Kevin graduated from Baylor University with a BBA in Finance. After working in commercial banking for 10 years, he received his Master’s in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. Kevin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been at the Calvary Counseling Center for 8 years. He uses a relational approach to help people name the unspoken in their stories, face shattered dreams and move towards a deeper relationship with others and with God. Kevin loves to cycle, ski and eat a good meal with friends. 
    (720) 340-2750 •
  • Tim Hanlon, MA, LPCC, NCC

    Provides couple and individual therapy for adults and adolescents

    Specialty areas: Relationships, couple/marital therapy, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, BIPOC, spiritual formation, addiction, trauma, identity/career development

    If you have felt like a perpetual wanderer and nomad in life, always second guessing how you fit or belong, then you and I would make good company.  Much of my life has been trying to answer those questions, which opened opportunities for me to live and work in various parts of the world. In all of those experiences, I concluded two things: firstly, that I love exploring, difference, and culture, and secondly, that I love entering into people's stories and struggles.  Ultimately this has led me to walk alongside people like you.  I have a comfortable familiarity with the messiness of life: the tattered strands, cliff hangers, and seemingly unhappy endings.  If you're there right now, you know what I mean.  I have been there too.  It would be an honor for me to join you in that journey.