Vision & Values

We see a world flooded with the presence of Jesus.

Elevating Christ

Our goal is to be a radically Jesus centered church. He is our greatest passion and the only one we look to for salvation. He is our Lord and Savior and we aim to elevate and worship Him above all. Jesus is not an ideology or a methodology. He is a person for you to live with and do life with. We want you to come alive by experiencing new life and freedom in a relationship with Jesus. 

Equipping Christians

Our aim is to equip Christians to follow Jesus in a grace-filled, life-giving community. We will have compassion for all people on every part of their spiritual journey. We don’t expect everyone who walks into Longmont Calvary to already be a committed Christ-follower. Our Equip classes, Small Groups, and Discipleship Groups exist to help you grow in faith or find faith in Jesus. 

Embracing Our City

We believe that God has put us in the city of Longmont so that we can bring more hope of renewal to the city. We want to make our city a better place to live by digging deep roots, focusing on the younger generation, and by being on the cutting edge of making a creative contribution to society. We want to unleash a movement of God in our generation by reproducing new churches that will reach out to as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus.

Engaging The culture

We intentionally engage with the real issues of our day with the hope of Jesus. We are free to be vulnerable about our faults and weaknesses with each other so that every person can experience the life transforming power and grace of God. We will be a place for broken people to find hope and healing in a relationship with Jesus.