Drive-in Services

10/18/20 | LC Parking Lot
9:00 a.m. English / 11:00 a.m. Calvary Español


If you plan to join us in the parking lot, here’s what you need to know:

1. GET READY! Bring masks for everyone in your car. Print out songs sheets ahead of time if you prefer (check our facebook posts).

2. ARRIVE EARLY to keep traffic flow going smoothly. Drive into the church parking lot from westbound 21st Ave only. (All other entrances will be closed).

3. VEHICLE SIZE: Divide into two parking lines. Left lane for high profile vehicles (SUVs, trucks). Right lane for sedans and smaller cars.

4. PICK UP song sheets in your drive-thru lane. Offering boxes will also be available at the tables.

5. PARK at the location instructed by our parking attendants. Stay in your vehicle.

6. TUNE IN to our “K-CALV” radio broadcast

FM 95.1 (English) 9am

FM 95.5 (Spanish) 11am

7. WORSHIP together!

Things to keep in mind:

● Our intention is to comply with state and local guidelines to the best of our abilities. Visit the official Boulder County website for details.

● The church building will NOT be open. Restrooms will NOT be available.

● It may be difficult to see the stage due to capacity and parking distance issues. There will NOT be an outdoor video screen. We will be streaming video to if you’d like to watch on your own device. Please note the video stream carries up to a 30 second delay.

● If you are sick or in high-risk categories, please join us online from your home.