LC Community Groups FAQ

What will we do in our group?

The groups will have three main focuses:
1) Personal connection: It has been hard during these months to feel connected with other
people. These groups will give you an opportunity to feel known and to get to know others.
2) Applying sermons: we will be discussing the sermon questions and how to apply them
personally and corporately.
3) Our community: what would it look like to reach out to our neighbors and Longmont as a
whole? Together we can move towards this in practical ways.

Where will groups meet?

If your group opts to meet in person, our hope is that it will meet in a home. Otherwise,
groups will meet at church or virtually. You can indicate your preference in the signup

Who will be in my group?

This is entirely dependent on who signs up. People who sign up on the same day and
time will be matched together. Please invite others to sign up with you!

Who will lead my group?

The format of these groups will hopefully allow anyone to lead them. We will designate
a facilitator to help guide the time.

How long will a group meeting be?

We recommend an hour and a half to make it meaningful. But you are free to meet
longer, if you’d like.

When will my group begin/end?

Groups will begin the week of September 20th and continue for 6 consecutive weeks.
Following a short break (3 or 4 weeks), they will continue again. We want to take the
break time and evaluate how things have gone and to give you an option to recommit to
another 4-6 weeks.

What about Rooted?

Rooted (which is a 10-week small group experience) is still very much a priority. But we
recognize Rooted can be a significant commitment. During this time of uncertainty and
schedule variability, we want to provide a format that is less intense, easier to lead, and
allows for more flexibility.

I’m already in a Flock or Bible study. Can I sign up?

The short answer is yes! If you’re interested in connecting with people at Calvary who
you may not yet know, please feel free to sign up.

How does Covid-19 affect these groups?

We recommend following all recommendations of the CDC and the state of Colorado
guidelines. For now, this means you will need to wear a mask and appropriately social
distance if meeting indoors at church. If you meet outside of church, such as in a home,
we recommend being as respectful towards each participant as possible and to still
maintain appropriate social distancing and meeting outside whenever possible.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Email Pastor Tim.